Logos College of Liberal Arts is a private online college that offers six foundational courses, called "core courses," which provide the worldview focus and interpretive framework for subsequent courses in the liberal arts.

LCLA students read original texts in the Great Books tradition with the goal of learning to be critical thinkers for lifelong learning. LCLA is for the education of the whole person for all of life. The goal of education of the person is different than attending college with the goal of career preparation.

Logos College of Liberal arts is part of the larger Logos Paideia program. Logos Paideia offers global community and education to all who are in the process of discipleship, who wish to lay the foundation and know God through His Word. The paideia is for the education of the ideal citizen, and Logos Paideia exists to train citizens of the City of God.

Logos Paideia is a ministry of The Logos Foundation.

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Foundational Courses

The "core" foundational courses for LCLA include Introduction to Philosophy, Introductory Logic, Introductory Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, World Religions, and Introduction to Christianity. All LCLA students are required to take these prerequisite courses before moving on to other liberal arts courses. Students who successfully complete the core courses will receive a certificate of completion.

Worldview Focus

A worldview is how we give meaning to life by answering the agelong questions about how we know what is ultimate reality, what a human being is, and the good life for human beings.

Lifelong Learning

LCLA is education for the whole person for all of life. Our emphasis is on knowing the Good and doing what is right. This goal is different than job training and obtaining credentials. An LCLA education is the foundation for lifelong learning and a life well lived.